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A lawsuit does not always end after the trial. You may want to have the trial court's decision reviewed by the court of appeals. Appeals are very unique in the legal world because there are a completely different set of laws and rules that govern them. This is why very few attorneys actually practice with appellate cases.

Many appeals involve complex legal criminal law subjects such as constitutional rights, illegal searches and seizures, unlawful confessions, the federal sentencing guidelines, and unfair trial practices. Denny has earn Board Certification in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and he is knowledgeable about these and other topics that are frequent in an appeal.

Denny has managed appellate cases for many years in both Federal and Texas State Courts including the Texas Courts of Appeals, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Denny has completed many appeals and enjoys the high level of skill needed for the intensive research, writing, and presenting that is required to successfully manage and present an appellate case.

​​Contact us to schedule a free initial appointment to discuss how we can help you with your appeal.

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