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We represent our clients in courtrooms: Texas courts, Federal Courts, Trial Courts, and Appellate Courts. We spend many hours investigating and researching for our client's case. And when we enter the courtroom, we are prepared. Since our clients have different problems, we are in the courtroom on different types of cases. So, we have invested a lot into our business resources to help each client with their unique case.

This area of law includes Federal Crimes, Drug Cases, Sexual Assault, Family Violence, DWI, Probation Revocations, Assaults, and White Collar crimes.

This area of law is the review of a case by the Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, or Court of Criminal Appeals. This area includes Criminal Law Cases, Family Law Cases, CPS Cases, Real Estate Cases, Probate Cases, and Civil Litigation Cases. This area of law has its own rules and the cases are litigated very differently that in the trial court.

This area of law includes the ownership or use of land, houses, and buildings. Deeds, Wills, Sales Contracts, Leases, and Deeds of Trust are very common documents involved with the litigation.

This area of law includes Child Custody, Child Support, Possession / Visitation, Enforcement, Modifications, CPS cases including Termination, and Attorney General cases.

Civil Lawsuits are any courtroom case that is not a criminal case. Many cases include different areas of law such as litigation over a will can include Probate Law, Real Estate Law, and Family Law.

This area of law includes the Probate process, Will contests, Administration of the Estate and Inheritance Rights.

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